Jim Olson

Principal/Owner, Olson Kundig

“I’ve enjoyed working closely with Charlie Hellstern at Olson Kundig for thirteen years. She has consistently had an upbeat attitude and a sensitivity to our clients’ needs, desires and also their aesthetic tastes. Because of that, every project Charlie works on is unique in that the result is special to each client. However, what all her projects have in common is that they are beautifully done.

Charlie and I both have roots in the legacy of the soft and natural Northwest design tradition, so we became natural collaborators during her time at Olson Kundig. Charlie also played a strong leadership role in our firm, and was key in creating our Interiors Studio. She mentored many people at our firm – interior designers as well as architects.

Charlie’s friendly personality also takes her out in to the community where she is well-liked and admired. She is one of those people who is a positive force wherever she goes. I’m a big fan of Charlie’s and I know she will always be a great asset to those who are lucky enough to work with her.”

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Todd Vogel and Karen Hust

“Charlie Hellstern combines her two chief passions — design and psychology — to create timeless expressions of her clients' personal style. We've worked with Charlie on three projects and come to trust her implicitly. Her respect for craftsmanship and the craftsman inspires all of her work, and it inspires us too.”